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Expressing eMotions

Welcome...Please enjoy the expressions of emotion in this Website!

Emotions can be expressed in many creative forms. Some emotions expressed here are of anger, sadness, joy and love. As this site grows, I will select different works of art to display. There are many ways to express emotion, some of the ways that are exciting and wonderful to share with others are; Poetry, Stories, Paintings, Drawings, Recipes, Music, Dance and Ideas that support inventions or other types of problem solving methods. It is my desire to learn about this kind of expression and who knows, maybe one day develop a program designed to assist patients of Psychology in treatment through their own creative genius.

Each page in this site will display a piece of art original of me, I would like to share these pieces as a contribution to the many people who seek an outlet for expression, I will explain each page briefly at the bottom and hope you enjoy yourself!


There are many ways to express emotions, too often people choose destructive methods of expression. I am here to promote positive, constructive methods that emulate the feelings experienced in daily life. Through creativity, one can find tranquillity and peace. Be my guest as you explore the pages in this site, let your mind be your guide. Maybe you have experienced similar feelings and can relate or maybe you have not, but find this site interesting anyway. Come on in and step into the deepest places in my heart

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A Website designed to display creativity in expressing emotion in a constructive way!